How do time slot deliveries work?

The team at MF Freight have worked with a range of clients across a multitude of industries that require time slot deliveries daily.
Utilising time slot deliveries allows our clients to book in a set date and time slot for their products to be delivered and helps with their supply chain management processes.

The major benefit to time slot deliveries is knowing exactly when and where your shipments will be delivered at any point in time. It also provides certainty across the entire supply chain, which helps with reducing order cancellations and or missed deliveries on the customer side thus reducing overall costs. Minimising the risk when it comes to failed deliveries is of paramount importance to all industries who rely on goods to arrive on a certain day and time.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight

Time Slot Deliveries

With greater levels of certainty linked to time slot deliveries it creates a flow on effect to increased productivity and improves customer experience due to deliveries being made independently of demand on any given day.

It also allows for more efficient procurement and distribution methods increasing brand loyalty and enables predictive resource planning and capacity utilisation within distribution centres.

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

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