Providing full turnkey solutions for the FMCG industry

From trying to find the best price and service, dealing with multiple carriers across multiple states and coordinating all of this with your customers can take up valuable time and resources.

At MF Freight, we have worked with a range of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies providing services such as 3PL, storage, warehousing, and a diverse mix of freight and distribution solutions to deliver our clients products to all parts of the country.

With businesses looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to FMCG distribution. The team at MF Freight are set up to work with our clients across a range of industries to set-up major distribution networks and third part logistics (3PL).

With warehousing and distribution being the backbone of high-volume FMCG businesses. Setting up an exclusive distribution centre with MF Freight allows our clients to streamline their supply chain.

A streamlined warehouse ultimately results in faster and more efficient response times, the ability to manage time slot deliveries easier and a complete end-to-end solution that ultimately keeps all customers within the distribution network satisfied and happy. This is vital when dealing with consumer goods and especially perishable goods with a short shelf life.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight

FMCG – Food

We can set up specialised 3PL to cater to any requirements in any state to help our clients build a competitive advantage. We are also able to deal with anything from cartons to pallets and full loads where required.

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

“MF FREIGHT is a Transport Management company which draws on the experience of its employees and various carriers to provide a service based on excellence superior to that of others in the industry.”



We provide convenience, one point of call and add value to your business.

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