Keeping your products safe

Managed under the same roof as MF Freight and our close partners, we have more than 10,000m2 of safe and secure warehousing space across several strategic locations throughout Australia.

Our warehousing and storage capabilities allow us to hold, manage and distribute freights of all kinds at any time of the day for our clients depending on their specific requirements.

With dedicated teams across multiple warehouse facilities, MF Freight provide a seamless process of managing your stock, processing orders, overseeing incoming deliveries, and ensuring everything is packed and ready for pickup.

All our clients have access to our secure and modern warehousing facilities when required plus we even work with our clients to source specialised alternative sites for specific projects.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight

Warehousing & Storage

Our storage facilities are geared towards optimising order picking, improving productivity, economies of scale, transfers of freight all whilst reducing lead time and improving customer service.

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

“MF FREIGHT is a Transport Management company which draws on the experience of its employees and various carriers to provide a service based on excellence superior to that of others in the industry.”



We provide convenience, one point of call and add value to your business.

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