No freight is too big or small

Our team can find solutions to suit all freights including but not limited to:

  • Over dimensional freight: From cranes to heavy machinery, the team at MF Freight can move anything to anywhere and will work with our clients to find the best solution possible.
  • Palletised freight: From full pallets and skids if you require palletised freight to be moved.
  • Cartons: As one of the most common freight types, carton freight is an essential part of many businesses who look to deliver small to medium sized goods effectively and efficiently. Being able to provide a range of solutions across Australia gives our clients the confidence they need.
  • Satchels: A mainstay for a plethora of consumer brands who run their business online, satchels are a fantastic way of reaching all corners of the country quickly and efficiently.
  • Road trains: Essential for major haulage projects, road trains can move all types of over dimensional and bulk goods across the country.

  • Air freight: For international and domestic express services that require next day delivery. Air freight is always a high priority option that we can provide for all clients if need be.
  • Semis and B-Doubles: Full truck loads are often more economical than sending a range of pallets sporadically. For orders large enough to fill a semi-trailer and or B-Doubles, full truckloads can be the more economical option.
  • Ocean Freight: Moving 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers is an essential part of international freight. It is an essential part of our clients supply chain that needs to be fulfilled as a lot of Australian companies have moved to importing raw materials and goods through these modes of transport.
  • Intermodal: Moving freight via road, rail and air are just a few ways that the team at MF Freight can help manage costs and improve distribution efficiencies depending on the freight profile of our clients.
  • Courier: From a small satchel to an oversized pallet, we can arrange for a prompt door-to-door courier service that will allow for same day delivery of urgent orders.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

“MF FREIGHT is a Transport Management company which draws on the experience of its employees and various carriers to provide a service based on excellence superior to that of others in the industry.”



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