From manufacturing lines to supermarket shelves

With a proven track record in delivering high volumes into major distribution centres and retail outlets through to sticking to tight time slot deliveries. MF Freight can help with all your pharmaceutical distribution needs.

As the industry continues to grow, MF Freight have been able to keep up with high-end delivery solutions required for pharmaceutical products.

Due to their fragile nature and shelf life, MF Freight have been able to utilise a vast network of carriers who specialise in moving pharmaceutical products across the country into major capital cities and rural and regional areas.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight


From topical ointments to over-the-counter medication to prescription medicine. The team at MF Freight are experienced in moving all types of pharmaceuticals via road, train and air freight.

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

“MF FREIGHT is a Transport Management company which draws on the experience of its employees and various carriers to provide a service based on excellence superior to that of others in the industry.”



We provide convenience, one point of call and add value to your business.

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