Packaging in the world of freight and logistics

With new and improved methods to eco friendly materials being integrated into a range of mass production manufacturing lines. The packaging used for consumer products consistently needs to be moved in large volumes to all corners of the country.

An integral part of the supply chain, packaging can come in all shapes and sizes such as boxes, wrappers, crates, bubble wrap, stretch films, labelling products, tapes, and bags just to name a few.

The ability to move large volumes of these items to Australian manufacturers and wholesalers in a timely manner is integral to the success of many major Australian and international companies and drives the success of key industries.

Benefits of partnering with MF Freight


Our team of freight specialists can provide the perfect mix when it comes to pairing you with the right carriers for whatever freight you need moved. We are committed to helping our clients help their clients. And are always here to help provide the best freight solution for you and your team.

Matthew Hornе, DIRECTOR

“MF FREIGHT is a Transport Management company which draws on the experience of its employees and various carriers to provide a service based on excellence superior to that of others in the industry.”



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